Nate and Freddy did an excellent job again. I attended my first class back in October and I was really impressed by how they conducted this class. This past weekend I attended my second class to add a firearm to my conceal carry permit and I was equally impressed. Nate and Freddy are wonderful teachers. They do a great job of making sure everyone understands safety and how the class will follow safety procedures. The do an excellent job discussing the seriousness and responsibility of conceal carry. They do a thorough group discussion on typical misconceptions as well as possible scenarios about conceal carry. They carefully listen to any questions comments or concerns any attendee might have. They are strict and fair while taking the test. I’ve heard that there are cheaper and faster courses available out there, but this is something that shouldn’t be cheap in any way. I’m really impressed on how they consistently conduct this class with a lot of enthusiasm and professionalism.



"I had a great team of instructors. Professional and knowledgeable. Overall, a great team who did a fantastic job in running a safe and instructive day."

-Sean (Major USMC, Retired)



"My wife and I took your course yesterday and I wanted to follow up and give you some feedback. The class was fantastic. The instructor was exceptional and the day was enjoyable as well as educational. This class was exactly what we were looking for - a solid foundation on which to build. We are looking forward to taking the Level II class.
My wife was happy to see other women in the class, too, and that it wasn't some testosterone-filled group."



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