Legal Defense Team

Street Safe Defense® Legal Defense Team

Street Safe Defense® (SSD) is the only firearms training company in Southern California that provides law enforcement and forensic experts for all of our CCW students and permit holders.
If you have been paying attention to the media, especially in California, you will see that anti-gun, prosecutorial and judicial activism is at an all-time high. We now have an increasing number of law enforcement administrators and District Attorneys who are anti-Second Amendment activists and refuse to grant CCW permits. These same chiefs, sheriffs and prosecutors have no qualms about prosecuting responsible gun owners and CCW permit holders who are forced to use deadly force to protect themselves, their families, their homes and businesses.
SSD is a division of Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc., one of the most renowned forensic investigations and expert firms in the nation. Martinelli & Associates, Inc. specializes in death and use of force/deadly force and self-defense cases. We have 25 experts in all areas of homicide, violent crime, forensics and medicine and our own forensic labs. Our firm can do literally everything that the FBI can do and we do it better.
How would you like to have the resources of one of the most experienced and technologically advanced legal defense firms in the nation in your back pocket; available on speed dial whenever you need it? What would that look like and how much better would you feel knowing that this firm was one call away, ready to come to your aid in your most stressful moments?
Only SSD CCW students receive this special service, so why go anywhere else for your firearms, personal defense and CCW training?

Dr. Ron Martinelli In Court - Legal Defense Team, Street Safe Defense

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