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Price: $300 + $25 Range Fee (Range Fee Applies to Non-Members of Wren's Ranch Range Only)

The CCW course is 16-hours spread out over two 8-hour days. Day 1 is a range day and will include instruction on firearm safety, firearm handling, shooting technique, & CCW requirements. Day 2 will be your CCW shooting qualification and classroom training to include, but not limited to, legal liability, self-defense laws, and mental health. At the end of the classroom, you will be required to complete and pass a written examination.

Upon arriving at the Wrens Range in Perris, our firearms staff will check all weapons and holsters to ensure that they meet the safety criteria. Those students who have firearms and/or holsters or safety equipment that do not meet our stated safety criteria will be dismissed from class and will be allowed to re-register for a future class no later than 60 days after date of dismissal.

It is HIGHLY recommended that all students read the Street Safe Defense Handgun Safety Manual and review the reference materials and FAQ pages on this website.

Range location: Wren's Ranch in Perris
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Carrying a concealed firearm for personal protection and self-defense is a serious force option that carries with it significant personal responsibilities and criminal/civil liabilities. Therefore, the Street Safe Defense vetting process to certify citizens for the law enforcement CCW permit process is thorough.
By registering for the Street Safe defense CCW or CCW Renewal courses, you are automatically attesting that you are an INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL shooter who is thoroughly familiar with their firearm(s) and holster system(s) and can operate safely and efficiently in a group setting.


The CCW and CCW Renewal Courses are restricted to INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL handgun shooters ONLY. An “intermediate-level shooter,” is defined as a person who is thoroughly familiar with their firearm(s) and holster systems; has significant practice drawing, firing and re-holstering their firearm(s) from the holstered position and can operate safely and without difficulties when drawing, firing and re-holstering in a group setting.

This course is NOT designed for the novice shooter, nor anyone who is not thoroughly familiar and practiced with their firearm(s) and holster(s) systems. Those novice/inexperienced persons who register for this class and are found not to be an intermediate-level shooter by the range staff, will be dismissed from class without refund of tuition.

Course Description

This course is a 16-hour course. You must choose a range day (8 hours) and a qualification + classroom day (8 hours). You must pass your shooting qualification with a score of at least 70% and the written examination with a score of at least 80% to receive a certificate of completion for the course. Course cost $300 plus $25 range fee.

Note: You MUST have an outside-the-waistband holster for the range that is molded to your firearm and has retention. For examples of acceptable holsters, please review our FAQ page.

This is an INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL SHOOTERS course, designed for people who are already familiar with their handguns and firearms safety and who anticipate becoming an armed citizen, as well as those who want additional training in the safety and proper handling of firearms at home and in public personal self-defense shooting skills. The course will focus on the following topics: firearms safety; shooter responsibility and self-defense laws; handgun familiarity; handgun manipulation; basic marksmanship; threat assessment and firing a holstered handgun.

Qualification: The course of fire and passing requirements for the qualification are dependent on which agency you are applying through:

  • Riverside County Sheriff Dept.: Minimum 18 rounds, center mass (six rounds at 15 yds/six rounds at 10 yds/ six rounds at 7 yds). 13 rounds passing.
  • Murrietta, Hemet, other, Police Department (through Empty magazine, center mass (empty magazine at 15 yds/ empty magazine at 10 yds/ empty magazine at 7 yds). 70% passing score at each distance
  • Pomona Police Department: Minimum 72 rounds, center mass (24 rounds at 3 yds/24 rounds at 5 yds/24 rounds at 7 yds) 70% passing score at each distance

NOTICE - All students MUST be able to manipulate, draw from a holster, fire, re-load their weapon(s) and re-holster the weapon(s) without difficulty and in a safe manner within a group setting.

If you do not have this previous experience, please obtain training before signing up for the CCW course.

Those who have already taken the SSD CCW course only have to take the CCW Renewal legal update session and qualify at the range. The cost for this requalification training is $200 plus a $25 range fee. Sign up HERE

Course Instructors – All are DOJ certified, current or retired, fully-certified, law enforcement, NRA instructors and court experts in firearms, self-defense and deadly force.


Participants MUST be 21 years or older to apply for a CCW permit.

If you are not a member at Wren's Ranch, please make sure you also purchase the $25 range fee.
The course fee includes certification of qualification with up to 2 handguns. Any additional handguns will be $35 each to certify the qualification.
If you wish to qualify with more than 2 handguns, make sure you also purchase the appropriate number of additional qualifying tokens.

What to Bring to Class

The following is the list of items you should bring with you to the CCW Renewal course:

  • Semi-automatic pistol: 380 Cal, 9mm, 40 Cal., 45 Cal; or double-action revolver in 38 spcl, 357 mag, 41 mag
  • Semi-autos – 3 magazines; magazine holder that fit at least one magazine.
  • Revolvers – 2 speed loaders
  • 200 rounds of ammo; 36 rounds of ammo to qualify each handgun.
  • Good quality outside the waistband holster for each firearm. See HERE for Info on Approved Holsters.
  • Good quality leather or nylon belt
  • Magazine holders (optional)
  • Baseball style cap with brim
  • Eye (protective or sunglass, wrap around style) and hearing protection
  • Pants with strong belt loops; shirt (no tank tops)
  • Athletic shoes/boots (no open toed shoes)
  • Plenty of water and sunscreen
  • Lightweight jacket or vest for concealed weapons practice
  • Notebook and pen
  • Folding chair
  • Current CCW card

NOTE: If you have not chosen a holster for your handgun, please refer to the FAQ and links for holster recommendations.

As of 12-12-16, all semi-automatic handguns MUST have the mechanical ability to allow for the receiver slide to be locked to the rear in a ‘safe’ condition. No gun that does not have a receiver slide mechanism that locks the slide to the rear in a safe condition will be allowed in class.

Class Signup - CCW

Day 1 Range
Day 2 Qualification & Classroom
Additional Handguns
The course fee includes certification of qualification with up to 2 handguns. Any additional handguns will be $35 each to certify the qualification. If you will be bringing 2 handguns or less for certification, simply choose none

Please, before calling our office with questions, read our FAQ's (frequently asked questions) Section. It is very thorough and has many answers to common questions. Thank You!