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Dr. Ron Martinelli

About Street Safe Defense

Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc. is one of the largest and well-recognized law enforcement training and consulting firms in California. Our company offers a broad range of officer training courses throughout the U.S., including its widely acclaimed “Use of Force” curriculum for law enforcement agencies. In addition to its law enforcement mission, Martinelli & Associates has, for the past several years, conducted its Street Safe civilian self-defense training courses. These courses provide the law-abiding citizen with the very same personal protection and self-defense training available to our law enforcement and military clients.

Due to the increasing demand by private gun owners and potential gun owners for safe and effective training classes, Martinelli & Associates is proud to present to the public our Street Safe Defense Firearms Training Program. Instructed by Martinelli & Associates’ nationally-certified and highly experienced law enforcement firearms instructors, the Street Safe Defense Firearms Training Program brings you, the law-abiding private citizen, the same cutting edge instruction and effective, street-proven techniques that have been taught to thousands of police officers, federal agents and military personnel.

Street Safe Defense Firearms Training Program is produced locally in Corona and conveniently offers training at Wren's Ranch Sportsment's Park in Perris, CA. The value of your savings in time, gasoline, and convenience far outweighs the small difference in price between the Street Safe Defense Firearms Training Program and our competitors. The Street Safe Defense Firearms Training Program and instructors provide you with a patient and supportive environment in which to learn and master your self-defense skills. Empower yourself with self-confidence, technical skills and know-how to defend yourself and your loved ones in life-threatening, real world situations. See our Courses page to find the right training for you!


Please, before calling our office with questions, read our FAQ's (frequently asked questions) Section. It is very thorough and has many answers to common questions. Thank You!